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Get more speaking practice and improve your IELTS Speaking band score

One way to get more speaking practice for the IELTS Speaking test

To give yourself the best chance of getting the IELTS Speaking band score you need, it’s important to get as much speaking practice as possible on common IELTS topics before your test.
IELTS Speaking practice
Here’s one suggestion for how you can get more speaking practice:

  1. Arrange a regular time with one or two other IELTS candidates to practice speaking English.
  2. Decide beforehand what topic(s) you’re going to talk about; have a look at the posts in the ‘IELTS Speaking topics‘ category of my blog for some possible topics.
  3. Have a set time, e.g. 30 minutes, when the rule is ‘English only’.
  4. At the end, think about how easy/difficult it was for you to talk about your chosen topic(s); if it was difficult, think about why it was difficult.

The last step is very important as it may show you how to improve your speaking before you practice again. If, for example, you found it difficult to talk about your chosen topic(s) because you didn’t know enough vocabulary, this is telling you that you need to improve your vocabulary for IELTS.

Improve your IELTS Speaking band score

If you can answer questions on common IELTS topics more fluently, then you’ll have a better change of getting the IELTS Speaking band score you need.

Imagine this…

It’s your IELTS Speaking test and you’re familiar with the topics that the examiner has asked you to talk about.

You find it easy to give extended answers to the examiner’s questions.

The examiner thinks that you can give extended answers easily.

If that was your real speaking test, the examiner might be thinking about an IELTS band score of 7.0 or higher for your speaking.

Here’s what it says in the public version of the official IELTS descriptors for spoken fluency:

  • IELTS band score 7: “[Candidate] speaks at length without noticeable effort…”

Take a step towards getting the IELTS Speaking band score you need: call, message or email a friend today, and arrange a time to get some speaking practice before your IELTS test.


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