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Five grammar mistakes that you should avoid in your IELTS Speaking test

Which of the following grammar mistakes do you make in your IELTS Speaking?

GrammarIn your IELTS Speaking test, the examiner is going to assess your spoken fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation, and of course your grammar. To give yourself a better chance of getting the band score you need, it’s important that you start noticing and correcting the grammar mistakes you make.

To help you make fewer grammar mistakes in your IELTS Speaking test, here are five common grammar mistakes that IELTS candidates make.

As you look through the examples, think about which one(s) you make in your speaking and make a note of the corrections.

1. Using the present tense to talk about past events

Perhaps the most common grammar mistake in IELTS Speaking is forgetting to use the past form of verbs to describe past events. Here’s an example from a candidate talking about a special gift he gave to his girlfriend:

“I went to many shops to find it but I never find…”

In this example, the candidate should have said ‘I never found…‘ and not ‘I never find…‘ because he was talking about a time in the past. Continue reading

Get more speaking practice and improve your IELTS Speaking band score

One way to get more speaking practice for the IELTS Speaking test

To give yourself the best chance of getting the IELTS Speaking band score you need, it’s important to get as much speaking practice as possible on common IELTS topics before your test.
IELTS Speaking practice
Here’s one suggestion for how you can get more speaking practice: Continue reading